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ABAK MBAKARA                                                            

This Recipe and quantity will serve six (6) medium portions. Abak mbakara is similar to Urhobo Banga soup. Its a palm nut soup popular with Efik-speaking natives in Nigeria. It can be enjoyed with semo, pounded yam or any other swallow of your choice.

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INGREDIENTS                                                                 QUANTITY                             

Fresh fish                                                                           1 large size                                

Periwinkle (shelled)                                                            1 cup                                           

Palm fruit                                                                              1kg                       

Water leaves                                                                       A bunch                           

Fresh pepper (scented pepper)                                     5 medium size                              

Crayfish                                                                               2 tablespoons                         

Seasoning cube                                                             3                                                    ----

Water                                                                                   4 litres                                           ----

Salt                                                                                       to taste                                          ----


.     Wash and boil the palm fruit with 2 litres of water till soft

.     Pound till the fibers separate from the nuts

.     Add 2 litres of warm water, mix, and strain.

.     Boil the extract for 5 minutes

.   & amp;nbsp; Dress the fish and cut into 4 pieces

.     Add the periwinkle and ground crayfish to the extract and continue to boil for another 15
      Minutes or till extract start to thicken

 .    Add the steamed fish and gently

.     Simmer for about 10 minutes

.    Add the remaining seasoning cubes and the chopped fresh pepper and stir gently

.    Pick, wash and shred the water leaves

.    Add the water leaves and continue simmering or another 5 minutes

.    Stir and salt to taste

.    Serve with semo.

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