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INGREDIENTS                                                                             QUANTITIES                              (N)

Beans paste                                                                                 4 cups                                         300

Chopped onions                                                                         1 small bulb                                  100

Chopped pepper                                                                         3 pieces                         & nbsp;            100

Big red prawns                                                                            12 pieces                                    300

Vegetable oil for frying                                                                1 litre                                             ---

Seasoning cube(crayfish flavour)                                               1      

Salt                                                                                                  to taste


.   Put beans paste in a clean bowl and whisk with a wooden spoon properly until mixture is light and
n    Fluffy

.    Add the seasoning cube (crayfish flavour), salt, pepper, onions and mix well

.   Heat oil till moderately hot. Scoop paste with a spoon and drop immediately into the heating oil to
   Form balls while placing the prawns on the akara before it sets. Fry till golden brown. Drain on a
   Kitchen paper and serve with ogi.

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