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IKOKORE                                                                                             FOR 6 People

INGREDIENTS             QUANTITIES                                             (N)

Water yam                     1 medium size                                          600

Dry fish (Shawa)                    2                                                        400

Smoked fish                           2                                                         300

Crayfish (ground)              2 table spoons    & amp;nbsp;                                   200                  

Fresh pepper                      5                                                             150

Tatashe                                2                                                            200

Palm oil                         2 cooking spoons                                    ---

Onions                              2                                                                   100

Beef stock


Seasoning cube                                                                   2                                                                                     ----

Salt                                                                                                           to taste                                                     ---




.     Blend the peppers and boil till it thickens.

      Cut the water yam, peel and grate with the smallest part of the grater.        

.     Clean the smoked and dry fish, remove bones and soak in warm water.

.     Heat up 2 spoons of palm oil in a pot and add the blended pepper.

.     Add seasoning cubes,salt, fry till it thickens, add beef stock and cleaned fish

.     Mix the granted water yam with a little salt and water if necessary.

.     Drop the grated water yam mixture bit by bit into the pot of fried pepper to form balls

.     Cover the pot and for cook for 15 minutes stiring with a wooden spoon.

.     Stir and add salt if required.



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