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EDIKANG IKONG                                   FOR 6 People
INGREDIENTS                                        QUANTITIES                      (N)
Beef (cooked)                                         1kg                                    1500
Cow skin (cooked& diced)                    20 pieces                            600
Stock fish head or pieces (cooked)      1 large size                       600
Ugu (pumpkin leaves)                             2 large sizes                     300
Water leaves             & amp;nbsp;                              1 bunch                            150
Fresh or dry pepper                                2 tablespoons                    100
Palm oil                                                    3 cooking spoons              ----
Shaki (cooked)                                      4 pieces                              400
Cowleg (cooked)                                     6 pieces                              800
Dry fish (washed)                                    1 medium size                    300
Crayfish (ground)                                    4 tablespoons                     300
Seasoning cube (crayfish flavour)        2                                                          ----
Salt                                                           to taste                                            ----
.     In a pot add the beef, stockfish head, pomo, cowleg, dry fish, shaki, washed water and cook for 
      10 minutes or till juice begins to dry up
.     Add the crayfish and dry ground pepper, seasoning cube (crayfish flavour), salt, stir well, cover the pot, and cook 
      For about 2 minutes
.     Add the shredded ugu leaves and cover the pot. Simmer for about 3 minutes
.     Also add the palm oil, stir well and cook for 2 more minutes uncovered. remove the heat.
t.     Serve with pounded yam.

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