Fish Soup (pepper)

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INGREDIENTS                                                                                  QUANTITIES                           (N)

Mackerel fish (dressed cut) or kote, croaker                                 6 pieces                                   700

Dry pepper (ground)                                                                         2 teaspoons                              50

African Nutmeg (roasted ground)                                                   3 tablespoons                          100< /p>

Uyayak (peeled and ground)                                                           1 small pieces                           50

Uda (roasted and pounded seed removed)                                   2 pods                                      100

Scent leaves (washed and shredded)                                            8 leaves                                      50

Uziza (shredded)                                                                               6 leaves                                                  50

Crayfish (ground)                                                                              4 tablespoons                           150

Seasoning cube (crayfish flavour)                                                    2                                                 ----

Seasoning cube                                                                                 1                                                 ----

Water                                                    & amp;nbsp;                                              1 ½ litres                                                -----

Salt                                                                                                       to taste                                                    -----


.     In a clean pot pour water, add the ground spices, dry pepper, crayfish and cook for 10 minutes

.     Add fish, and Seasoning cube and salt, cook on low heat for 15 minutes. give the pot a little

     Shake, stir gently to prevent the fish from flaking and taste

.    Add chopped effirin, uziza, and turn of the heat

.     Serve hot with rice, pounded yam,boiled yam or boiled plantain.



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