Groundnut Soup (Omi Itsagwe)

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GROUNDNUT SOUP                          FOR 6 People


INGREDIENTS                                    QUANTITIES                           (N)

Beef /Goat meat(cooked)                  1kg                                          1500

Pomo (diced)                                           4 pieces                                400

Shaki                                                        5 pieces                                 500

Smoked fish (washed & bonded)           2 pieces                                  400                    

Onions (chopped)                                     1 large bulb                           100

Fresh pepper (grated)                              4 pieces                                150

Crayfish                                                    4 tablespoons                          200

Groundnut roasted (paste)                         2 cups                                  500

Bitter leaf                                                    1 mould                                  100

Palm oil                                                      1 cooking spoon                     ------

Seasoning cubes                                            4                                          -------

Salt                                                               to taste                                   ---------



.    Season and boil the meat(s), add the chopped onions and stockfish.

.     Pour the groundnuts and uziza seed on a fry pan and roast without oil over low heat for 2-3 minutes, turning frequently.

     Pour the roasted groundnut and uziza in a miller and blend till its a fine powedered texture.     

     Pour some stock from meats into the blended groundnut to make a thick paste

 .    Add dry fish to the boiled meats and cook for 3 minutes.

      Add palm oil and grated fresh pepper and cook for 2 minutes.

      Add the groundnut paste and let cook for 10mins, turning every 3 minutes till soup is thick.  

      Add the bitterleaf and simmer for 3 mins

    Serve with any swallow of your choice.




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