Shrimp Coconut Rice

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SHRIMP COCONUT RICE                                                                FOR 6 People

INGREDIENTS                                                                                    QUANTITIES                           (N)

Rice                                                                                                       6 cups                                     450

Coconut milk                                      & amp;nbsp;                                                10 cups                                    1000

Shrimps (fresh)                                                                                    2 cups                                      1500

Pepper (chopped)                                                                              4 pieces                                    150

Tomatoes (chopped)                                                                   & amp;nbsp;      2 pieces                                    200

Onions (chopped)                                                                               1 large bulb                              100

Tatashe (chopped)                                                                              2 pieces                                    150

Garlic (chopped)                                                                                 2 cloves                                     100

Ginger (chopped) & amp;nbsp;                                                                             1 small root                               100

Carrot (diced)                                                                                      2 cups                                        200

Peas                                                                                                   2 cups 


Seasoning cube (chicken flavour)                                                      2                                                                  -----

Salt                                                                                                         to taste                                       ----



.     Put the coconut milk into a clean pot and bring to the boil.

.     Add the washed rice, pepper, tomatoes, onions, tatatshe, garlic, ginger, and seasoning cube (chicken cube),

      Salt to taste. Stir well and allow to cook for 35 minutes.

.     Add the shrimps and stir well. cover with foil paper and it cook for 10 minutes

 .    Serve with buttered carrots and peas on the side or any other vegetables.





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