Potato Salad

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INGREDIENTS                                                                                  QUANTITIES                           (N)

Boiled potatoes (cut in cubes)                                                         8 pieces                                  400

Boiled carrots (cut in cubes)                                                            4 pieces                                  200

Fresh peas (boiled)                                                  & nbsp;                        2 cups                                     300

Onions (chopped and blanched)                                                     1 medium bulb                          100

Mayonnaise                                                                                       2 tablespoons                         ----

Parsley (sliced for garnishing)                                                         2 tablespoons                          200

Cucumber (sliced for garnishing)                                           & amp;nbsp;        1 large size                              200

Seasoning cube ( chicken flavour)                                                  1                                                ----

Salt                                                                                                       to taste



.     In a clean bowl toss all the ingredients except mayonnaise, parsley and cucumber

.    Add the seasoning cube (chicken flavour), salt and mayonnaise, toss well

.    Pour into a platter and garnish with cucumber and parsley

.    Serve as a side dish or as a meal with grilled chicken.




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