Native Jollof Rice

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NATIVE JOLLOF RICE                                                             FOR 6 People

INGREDIENTS                                                                          QUANTITIES                              (N)

Rice                                                                                             3 cups                                       300

Boiled beef (optional)                                                        & amp;nbsp;      8 pieces                                      1000

Smoked fish (washed)                                                             1 medium size                              300

Dried shrimps                                                                            1 cup                                           400

Palm oil                                                                                       1 cooking spoon                        ----

Onions (chopped)      & nbsp;                                                              1 medium bulb                            100

Fresh tomatoes                                                                         4 medium size                             200

Fresh pepper (ground)                                                             1 teaspoon                                    100

Pumpkin leaves or spinach                                                     1 small bunch                                 100& lt;/p>

Seasoning cube                                                                        4                                                                    ----

Salt                                                                                              to taste                                                     ----



.       Add rice to 3 cups of boiling water Cook for 10 minutes.

.       Remove from heat and strain off the water.

.       Wash the rice and set aside

.       Wash and chop the fresh tomatoes

.      Pick, wash and shred the pumpkin leaves or spinach< /span>

.       Heat the palm oil for about 2 minutes

.       Add the chopped onions, chopped tomatoes and ground pepper

.       Allow to fry for 5 minutes

.       Add the smoked fish, meat, dried shrimps, Seasoning cubes and the rice

.       Stir thoroughly, then add 1 cup of water and salt to taste

.      Allow to simmer for about 35 minutes, continue to add water till the rice is cooked

.      Add the shredded pumpkin leaves or spinach

.      Stir thoroughly and cook for another 5 minutes

.      Remove from heat and serve


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