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When we Nigerians hear that we can lose weight with our local delicacies, our answer is NO, it’s not possible. But the truth is that it is very possible.

A number of us who feel the need to lose weight are happy to know they can use their local dishes to achieve that purpose. 

It is essential to note that diet helps in weight loss not starvation. Starvation may help you lose weight but when you begin eating again, you end up gaining the weight lost and more. So, it's more advisable to just reduce the size of your food portions to achieve better results.

When drawing up your diet plan or food timetable these should be put into consideration:

More fruits and vegetables should be consumed as well as rice, bread, potato and other starchy foods. Also lots of protein like meat, fish, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein, milk and dairy foods. Food and drinks high in fat and/or sugar should be taken in low quantity.

An example of a typical Monday meal includes:

Breakfast: wheat bread and tea

Lunch: wheat and vegetable soup

Dinner: two apples.

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