About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the largest retail supermarket online in Nigeria . To be a creator of highly valued brands in  Nigeria. To be most highly valued not only by our customers, but also by the communities we serve, our staff and our investors. We hope that we can achieve these by our innovation, teamwork, customer service and commitment to the environment.

Our Mission Statement

To be able to enjoy first class service without having to pay more for your shopping. We aim to be Nigeria’s most reliable, most innovative and best value online supermarket to exceed your expectations at all times. MHQ is concerned with making shopping more convenient for you by delivering quality products and services at fair price, in perfect condition on time, and treating our customers with care and honesty.

Responsibilty to our Customers

Our business was originally conceived with one simple objective in mind: to offer busy people a true alternative to going to the supermarket every week. By doing this, we have created a totally new shopping experience, built entirely around our customers' needs AT MHQ, we care deeply about the quality of products our customers buy, and how healthy and durable it is. Therefore we play an active role in making products healthier, promoting healthy eating and providing services to improve customers proposition. We provide our customers with quality products ranging from Nigerian market, drinks, food, groceries, recipes and much more. 
MHQ features an ever changing selection of special offers that offers great value. Our priority is to make shopping convenient for our customers by making products available to them at good prices and to deliver to them wherever they want it.    
MHQ looks into the views of our shoppers daily from customer service information and also from customers surveys. Maintaining issues like this helps us to gain a deeper understanding of complex issues to ensure better services.     
We have a strategy to grow and diversify with new products and services.

To our Suppliers

MHQ works in partnership with our suppliers to ensure products are sourced responsibly, and also rely on suppliers to provides us with products our customers want. We provide our suppliers reassurance of knowing that they have buyer for their goods on reasonable terms. There is an avenue for our supplier to advertise new products with us

To our Communities

For us, retailing is about more than quality products and great service. It's also about supporting and helping the communities where we work, and being a good neighbour. We aim for our stores to be at the heart of the communities they serve.
As well as the charitable aspects of our community approach, there are practical and economic considerations too. We provide local jobs for local people, and buy from local suppliers. We also help protect the local environment, and make it safer.
  • Improve skills and create jobs
  • Improve quality of life and well-being
  • Support our community.